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Bike Week

Gettysburg Bike Week - July 10-13th, 2014

GBW brings together tens of thousands of riders and enthusiasts from across the country. Granite Hill Camping Resort is proud to host the 13th Anniversary Gettysburg Bike Week and is excited to welcome riders back again this July 10-13, 2014. This year's festivities and huge live concerts with Tesla, Big Jack, Great Train Robbery and more will be held at Granite Hill! Like our facebook page to stay tuned for additional band and entertainment announcements!

For your convenience over 400 all-inclusive Bike Week Camping Packages will be offered. Bike Week Camping Packages are on sale now and filling up! Don't delay secure your on-site camping space today! A complete list of available Bike Week Packages are listed below.

Visit for entertainment lineup and GBW updates!

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Bike Week

Bike Week Day Pass Map

Day & Concert admission passes to Bike Week do not include full access to Granite Hill Camping Resort. Full access to Granite Hill’s facilities (including bath houses, pool, stocked pond, campsites, etc.) is restricted to those who have reserved campsites ONLY. Please see the map below.

Click on the map to download a printable PDF.

Gettysburg Bike Week Camping Packages

4-NIGHT CAMPING PACKAGES (Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat or Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun)

    Rough site … $199
    Electric/Water site … $279
    Electric/Water/Sewer site … $399
    Rustic Cabin … $499

      • Camping for TWO people for four nights
      • Use of camping resort facilities
      • TWO-4DAY Gettysburg Bike Week event passes
    Single Rider/Guest … $129
      • Rough camping on Berger Hill or camping at a package holder’s site or cabin (space permitting) for ONE person for four nights.
      • Single riders only. No automobiles.
      • Use of camping resort facilities
      • ONE 4-DAY Gettysburg Bike Week event pass
    • Children under 12 … FREE with paying adult
    • Children 12-17 … $50 with paying adult
    • Minors must be accompanied by paying adult upon arrival/check-in. Unaccompanied Minors will be refused admission.

    •   Includes:
      • Camping at a package holder’s site OR camping at package holder’s cabin (space permitting).
      • Use of camping resort facilities. One 4-DAY Gettysburg Bike Week event pass


    Electric/Water site $229A LIMITED NUMBER WILL BE SOLD
      • Camping for TWO people for three nights
      • Use of camping resort facilities
      • TWO 4-DAY Gettysburg Bike Week event passes
    Single Rider/Guest …$109 A LIMITED NUMBER WILL BE SOLD
      • 3 nights of tent camping/guest camping and weekend admission to bike week events
    Prices are per person tax included.


      • Camping for TWO people for two nights
      • Use of camping resort facilities
      • TWO 4-DAY Gettysburg Bike Week event passes
    Single Rider/Guest …$89 A LIMITED NUMBER WILL BE SOLD
      • 2 nights of tent camping/guest camping and weekend admission to bike week events.
    Prices are per person tax included.


    Single Rider/Guest …$49 A LIMITED NUMBER WILL BE SOLD
      • 1 night of camping/guest camping on Saturday night and admission to bike week events on Saturday and Sunday.
    Prices are per person tax included.

You can reserve space for camping by purchasing your package online or calling our reservation line at 1-800-642-TENT. The tent camping/rough camping space is in a designated area and will be assigned upon arrival on a first come, first serve basis. All camping packages include admission to all Bike Week events at Granite Hill. All camping packages are tax included.

Additional Fees:
  • $7 Processing Fee per order online or by phone
  • Cabins
  • Cabins sleep 6 people in one double bed and two sets of bunk beds.
  • The Cabin Package price of $499 covers TWO people.
  • Additional Guests in cabin (up to 4 additional guests permitted) must each purchase the Guest Pass/Single Rider ticket for $129.

    You will receive a printable receipt/ticket with a unique bar code of your purchase at the time of online transaction. You must PRINT AND RETAIN this receipt. This receipt must be presented along with a valid photo ID at the gate to receive wristbands and gain access to the camping resort.

    If you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm with Granite Hill Camping Resort whether or not your reservation has been placed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may occur during the purchase process. Granite Hill Camping Resort will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you fail to print, bringand present your receipt/ticket.

    If you fail to bring your receipt/ticket of purchase you will be required to purchase additional camping passes at the gate, if available, and your original purchase will not be refunded.

Packages can be purchased
BY PHONE: Granite Hill, 717-642-8749
IN PERSON: at campstore


Frequently Asked Questions

How and when are site assignments made?
Space will be held for all package reservations and sites will be assigned based on type of package and size and type of camping unit. Rough Camping is defined as tent camping or RV Parking without any hookups. All reservations for Rough Sites (tent or RV) will be assigned upon arrival based on type of package and size and type of camping unit. Site requests can be made in the comment section of your online shopping cart. We will do our level best to accommodate group and location requests. However, the mere presence of a request is not a guarantee. If you are familiar with Granite Hill and would like to request a specific site or if you are part of group and would like to camp together please make your request as early as possible! Site assignments will be conducted by management in the order in which they were received on a “best available” basis.
How many vehicles can I park at my site?
Camping packages include space for 1 automobile and 2 motorcycles in addition to your camping unit. Some rough sites only have space enough for an automobile OR two motorcycles, in addition to your tent. In order to best serve everyone, it is imperative that you provide Granite Hill Camping Resort with detailed information at the time of your reservation (size and type of unit, number of motorcycles, length of trailer etc…) Additional motorcycle parking at site or on camping resort grounds space permitting only. We will be as accommodating with vehicle parking as possible but not at the expense of safety, access, or the enjoyment of those around you.
Can I park my motorcycle trailer/toy hauler etc… at my site?
If you plan to bring a trailer in addition to your camping unit you MUST advise Granite Hill Camping Resort at the time of your reservation. We will do everything possible to assign sites so that your specific needs are accommodated. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be space enough for multiple trailers, a vehicle, and motorcycles. If you have a large RV and a large trailer/toy hauler and you absolutely want to have your trailer with you for the duration you might be better served to secure an additional site.
Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs will be permitted on certain sites and in designated areas of the campground ONLY. If you wish to bring a dog you must inform Granite Hill at the time of your reservation. No more than two dogs per site. Dogs must be leashed at all times (6ft or less). Owners must clean up after animal. Dogs may not be tethered outside nor left unattended. Persistent barking will not be tolerated. Dogs ARE NOT PERMITTED IN ROUGH CAMPING AREAS, CABINS, ANY PUBLIC AREAS OF THE FACILITY OR WITHIN THE BIKE WEEK COMPOUND. It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations regarding dogs at Granite Hill and to abide by them at all times. Granite Hill will have a zero tolerance policy in effect for the duration of Bike Week. Complaints will be investigated immediately and any violations of our dog policy for GBW will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL of dog from facility or IMMEDIATE EVICTION of dog owner’s entire party. POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR EVICTION STEMMING FROM DOG VIOLATIONS. No other pets of any kind are permitted anywhere on the premises during Bike Week at Granite Hill.
PA sales tax is 6%, why am I being charged 10% tax?
PA Sales Tax does not apply to camping. You are being charged a 10% amusement tax on the privilege of engaging in an amusement. It is a tax levied on the admissions prices to places of amusement, entertainment, and recreation. The 10% tax is included in the above prices. 5% is remitted to Highland Township and 5% is remitted Gettysburg Area School District.
Can we get a refund if it rains?
NO. Gettysburg Bike Week is an outdoor festival and all acts will perform rain or shine unless the safety of the performers is at risk. As such, Granite Hill Camping Resort is prohibited from issuing refunds.
I have a problem, I bought the wrong package, I have a scheduling conflict, I can no longer come… can I get a refund?
NO. Before purchasing tickets, carefully review our policies and the tickets selected and in your shopping cart. All sales are final. Granite Hill Camping Resort is prohibited from issuing exchanges or refunds of packages. You agree that you will not attempt to evade, avoid, or circumvent those prohibitions in any manner with regard to camping packages you purchased. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not contact Granite Hill Camping Resort to seek a refund or exchange and you will not dispute or otherwise seek a chargeback from the company whose credit card you used to purchase tickets from this site. Should you do so, your package will be cancelled, and Granite Hill Camping Resort may, in its sole discretion, refuse to honor pending and future purchases made from all credit card accounts or online accounts on which such chargebacks have been made, and may prohibit all persons in whose name the credit card accounts exist and any person who accesses any associated online account or credit card or who otherwise breaches this provision from using this site.
I paid the wrong price. Is Granite Hill going to collect the balance due?
YES. If the amount you pay for a package is incorrect, regardless of whether because of an error in a price posted on this website or otherwise communicated to you, or you are able to purchase a package before its scheduled on-sale date or you are able to purchase a package for which an appropriate site was not available, then: Granite Hill Camping Resort will have the right to cancel that purchase and refund to you the amount that you paid. This will apply regardless of whether because of human error or a transactional malfunction of this website or other Granite Hill Camping Resort,, or PayPal operating system.
What happens if I get hurt?
Limitation of Liability: You assume all risks incidental an outdoor festival for which this package is issued, whether before, during or after Bike Week activities, and you waive any claims for personal injury or death against Granite Hill Camping Resort and Gettysburg Bike Week on behalf of yourself and any accompanying minor.
What happens to folks displaying disorderly conduct?
Ejection and Cancellation; No Redemption Value  

Granite Hill Camping Resort reserves the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose conduct management deems disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language or who fails to comply with GBW or Granite Hill rules. Breach of terms or rules will terminate your license to enter Granite Hill Camping Resort.

Can I record events at Granite Hill?
No Recording, Transmission and Exhibition! You agree not to record or transmit, or aid in recording or transmitting, any description, account, picture, or reproduction of the event. You agree that the event for which you purchase tickets is a public event, that your appearance and actions inside and outside the venue where the event occurs are public in nature, and that you have no expectation of privacy with regard to your actions or conduct at the event.
Will Granite Hill use my picture in the future?
MAYBE. You grant permission to Granite Hill Camping Resort and the Event Promoters to utilize your name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the event (regardless of whether before, during or after play or performance) for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to, you or anyone acting on your behalf.
Do you search vehicles?
MAYBE. You, your vehicle, and your belongings may be searched on entry to the property. You consent to such searches and waive any related claims that may arise. If you elect not to consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to the event without refund or other compensation. The following items may not be brought into the premises, including without limitation, alcohol, fireworks, illegal drugs, firearms and other controlled substances. Alcohol will be available for purchase on premises.
Can I sell my camping package?
NO. Unlawful Re-Sale of Tickets; Commercial Purposes Unlawful resale of camping packages (or attempted resale) is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. A package shall not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes, unless formal written authorization is given by the Granite Hill Camping Resort. Any use of Granite Hill Camping Resort trademarks and other intellectual property is subject to Granite Hill Camping Resort’s consent.
Is there Security at Granite Hill?
ABSOLUTELY! We will have 24 hour security within Granite Hill Camping Resort operating in conjunction with Gettysburg Bike Week security personnel. It is our aim to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees. IT IS EACH AND EVERY ATTENDEE’S RESPONSIBILIIY TO FAMILIARIZE THEMSELF WITH BOTH OUR FACILITY RULES AND BIKE WEEK EVENT RULES AND ABIDE BY THEM AT ALL TIMES, AS THEY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!
Can I have a campfire or bonfire?
MAYBE… Campfires are permitted in metal fire rings provided by Granite Hill Camping Resort in designated areas only. All improved campsites have fire rings. There are a limited number of fire rings available in rough camping areas. As such, many but not all rough camping sites are equipped with a fire ring. If having a fire is of importance to you we highly recommend purchasing an improved campsite or arriving as early as possible. Purchasing a camping package does not guarantee you a fire ring. Additionally, a burn ban could be in effect in Highland Township during Bike Week time period, in which case no fires of any kind will be permitted anywhere on the premises. Bonfires are strictly prohibited at Granite Hill Camping Resort, the definition of which is subject to the sole discretion of the facility management.
Do you have a daily camping rate during bike week?
NO. Admission to Granite Hill Camping Resort is by Camping Package Only. The type of package you purchase will determine which days during Bike Week you are entitled to access the facilities at Granite Hill. For more information, please review the Camping Packages section.
I’m riding by myself and want to stay at a friend’s site what ticket should I order?
GUEST PASS. You should order at Guest Pass for $129